Elul 23: #Begin 

Where do you find meaning in your life? How do you recharge your soul? 

I've been observing. And now, I'm ready to begin asking hard questions. I've seen organized religion decline. Synagogues (not all) are losing members and yet life seems to be moving along just fine. More and more I hear: "I'm just not religious"; "I'm a secular Jew"; or "I don't feel connected to a Synagogue or the Jewish community".

I hear you! That makes sense. Everyone is constantly on the go, so actually building community may be a challenge. But, maybe community doesn't have to be geographically based anymore. Maybe we can come together through the search for meaning in our lives, right here, right now.

I want to talk about what makes your life meaningful. I want to know what is missing. What do you need to feel whole? What presence does Judaism have in your life? What presence do you wish it had? What do you do that makes you happy? What comforts you in times of sorrow? Where does or doesn't Judaism fit in? 

Maybe instead of trying to find an existing place that works for me, you, us, everyone (seems impossible right?) we can instead notice what is working. And we can ask for what we need. Or, maybe you do have a community that works for you. Hooray! Maybe you're looking to think more deeply about the role Judaism plays in your everyday life.

Either way....I want to share in this search with you. Let's highlight the holy moments in our lives. Let's stop and notice where holiness lies. What makes the ordinary extraordinary? 

In the new Jewish year: I will be sharing daily moments of holiness on instagram and twitter #tacklingtorah. I will be creating rituals for all seasons of life; big, and small. I will be trying to tackle torah by blogging about jewish texts. I will also be guiding families through transitional lifecycle moments. I hope you will join me. 

It is time to begin again. Renewed. Searching for holiness in our everyday lives. 

Join the conversation: what moment do you need/want to mark in your life? 

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