everyday people’s search for holiness in our everyday lives


Tacklingtorah provides content and knowledge of Jewish values and rituals in a way that meets Jews and those who love them “where they are at”. 

Locally, Tacklingtorah provides Jewish educational opportunities and builds community around Jewish holidays, rituals and values. Social gatherings will be held in the Philadelphia area in a pop up style. Tacklingtorah convenes at sport outings, coffee shops, local businesses, outdoor parks, etc. The goal is to build deep personal and spiritual connections with other people in similar life stages. The vision is that participants will deepen their learning and understanding of how their lives are connected to Jewish ideas, values and concepts.

Globally, Tacklingtorah will hold a social media and web presence to connect with a larger global community. Through these virtual means, Tacklingtorah will offer personalized transitional moment based rituals as a way to bring Judaism into people’s everyday lives. This can be weekly for Shabbat, theme based such as loss, joy, or health; or centered around annual holidays. By noticing and marking time in a Jewish manner our lives can be infused with meaning and a connection to a larger purpose. Tacklingtorah strives to be a meaning making organization, meeting people where they are at spiritually and helping them get to where they’d like to go!

Tacklingtorah will offer different ways for people to "plug into" community. Whether that be solely online, or at a local Philadelphia pop up. Tacklingtorah aims to serve millennials, young couples, young families, older families and seniors. As part of the larger mission, Tacklingtorah will act as people’s spiritual guide. This includes guiding people through major lifecycle moments in their lives as well; babynamings, b'nai mitzvahs, conversions, weddings and funerals. As well as all the daily moments in between!