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The world of religion is changing. People seem to be engaging in physical communities less and reaching out to online resources for support, comfort and help with changes in their lives. seeks to help people through every transition as a new way to integrate holiness into your everyday life.   

Rabbi Elyssa Cherney strives to make life's ordinary moments into extraordinary ones. She believes holiness is created by helping people find meaning in their lives at moments of transition. That can be a major lifecycle moment: birth, becoming an adult, finding a partner, becoming a parent, divorce and death; or at all the moments in-between. 

Rabbi Elyssa runs the website as a way to connect with others and help people think differently about what role Judaism can play in their everyday lives.  She had a vision and wanted to make it a reality! Whether that be a connection with a rabbi, connection with others who identify as Jews and those who love them, people searching for their place in the Jewish community, or seekers looking to learn more about Judaism; all are welcomed in to Tacklingtorah. An organization that “meets people where they are at!”.

Rabbi Elyssa has formed this vision into a 501c3 non-profit. Rabbi Elyssa is hoping to raise enough money in order to create rituals needed in the Jewish community and the world. For now, fundraising efforts go towards the costs of the website and to support local Philadelphia programming itself. The two community groups forming are millennials, and young families. Any and all donations are welcome and appreciated.