Ani l’dodi v’dodi li” “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.” - song of songs


When two families join together as one

There are moments in our lives where we are deeply vulnerable, such as joining together in marriage. At these times, we invite our communities to surround us to help us learn and grow. When we mark these special moments in our lives, we have the opportunity to feel hope, love and a spark of holiness.

Rabbi Elyssa writes completely personalized ceremonies for your transitional moment of marriage. She spends time getting to know the couples, and shows up ready to help you feel present on your wedding day. Rabbi Elyssa guides couples through these early moments of marriage, and then is available throughout your lives to help you mark Jewish ritual moments as they arise.

Rabbi Elyssa’s ultimate goal is helping you think about the big picture of marriage! Therefore she offers premarital counseling as part of the planning process. Together, the couples thinks through tough questions that will come up throughout your marriage. Rabbi Elyssa then helps you mark this moment in your lives by sharing your unique love story with your community on your wedding day.

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