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Parents magazine: Welcoming a baby?

There is a shift in how millennials and young families are choosing to engage with religion so I am meeting them where they are at in order to provide them with a meaningful Jewish life. Read the article for thoughts on how the decision about brit milah: covenantal circumcision is changing.



Interfaithfamily.com: Thoughts from a wedding couple on their Chinese and Jewish wedding!

During a meeting over coffee, our rabbi thoroughly explained every aspect of the Jewish wedding ceremony – for both Kevin and my edification–and asked about modifications to explicitly include Chinese traditions. We were grateful for her open-mindedness and enthusiasm. https://www.interfaithfamily.com/blog/weddings-blog/uncharted-territory-planning-our-jewish-chinese-wedding/


Interfaithfamily.com: How to talk with little kids about death.

We rarely talk about death as adults, so it can be extra hard to find language to help kids understand what’s happening, especially since young children don’t get the nuances of tough subjects. The added piece of explaining death within multiple faith traditions may be more technically complicated, but it also has the opportunity to broaden our kids’ perspectives about the topic. So how do you talk about death from a Jewish perspective in interfaith families?